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Shark cartilage super micronised powder


New Zealand Shark cartilage super micronised powde at AOTEAROA Ltd

We provide shark cartilage which are taken from sharks grow up around New Zealand ocean.

* Manufacturing feature: Adjusting collagen amount contained in shark cartilage by patented process.

Specification of component contained in shark cartilage micronised powder

Appearance whitish micronised powder
Ash content 40 - 50%
Protein 34 - 48%
Plate count bacteria Under 5,000/g
Average particle size 15.00±3.00μm
Fat Under 2%
Moisture Under 7%
Coliforms Negative
  • The value may be slightly different for each lot due to the natural materials.
  • The average particle size are is measured and guaranteed by the micro track FRA particle distribution method (laser diffraction method).


Package: 10kg
Storage: keep in dry cool (under 30centigrade) place.

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